Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Build where the people and access are...

Every land-use and transportation expert we talk with has a question: with the largest population growth projected between Boise and the Oregon border, why not build a 'regional medical center' in the center of the region? When they look at the proposed expansion location we hear the same thing: 'with the negative impacts and limitations of the current site, why would anyone imagine this is an acceptable location and policy?'

Why indeed?

Economists tell us that the scale of a regional medical center means economic impacts will be felt throughout the region. Whether St. Luke's expands in Boise or Meridian, new hires (just like current employees) will live throughout the region, drawn to housing that is affordable based on their wages.

Transportation and land-use professionals know that distributing traffic loads throughout the region (or even spreading that load to different parts of Boise) would reduce or in some cases eliminate the need for complex and costly new transportation infrastructure.

To them, the East End location defies logic and best practices. Many in Boise agree.

Where else might Boise find available land with freeway access and opportunities for redevelopment?

Here's one of many alternatives in Boise:

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