Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Public Isn't Served by More Street Closures

What do independent thinkers have to say? 

Read the comments below, then let ACHD Commissioners know what you think about diverting their time and resources from pressing infrastructure needs throughout Ada County. Tellus@achdidaho.org

St. Luke's has been pouring money into local nonprofits, political campaigns and heavy rotation media buys, with predictable results. These funds come out of the pockets of patients, public and private insurers, and taxpayers.

But there are still many Ada County residents and independent experts whose endorsements aren't for sale—at any price. They speak out not for personal or political gain, but because they believe citizens and taxpayers—not private corporations—should have a say in the future of our community.

"St. Luke's Boise provides an invaluable service to the community, however their growth has over the years had a negative impact on the surrounding neighborhoods. The time has come to draw the line at Jefferson St. and redirect St. Luke's future growth to the Meridian campus."
—Peter Angleton, M.D.

"Most troubling is the high-handed way St. Luke’s has approached its proposed master plan. Apparently its administrators haven’t heard of strategic development of informed consent."
—Gary Richardson, Former ACHD Commissioner

"Citizens who devote substantial time and effort to work within the system only to see its requirements for honest, constructive give-and-take ignored by policy makers will be disillusioned and unlikely to use this avenue again. The consequences of citizen disengagement are subtle but ultimately devastating to creating the "livable city" our leaders say they want."

—Diane Ronayne, Former Boise P&Z Commissioner

“Hospitals have this implied mission of ‘do no harm’…but by fundamentally creating a superblock in a choke point in your city, they (St. Luke’s) are in fact, harming the city...I think a cycle track is a great exercise amenity...it's not necessarily about connectivity and healthy community planning and design."
 —David Allison, FAIA, FACHA—Alumni Distinguished Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Architecture + Health at Clemson University

"For community health, it benefits all to have a safe route of access to downtown, whether on bike, foot, or car. Jefferson Street is the safest route for a child, commuter or family to access downtown. The solution to growth is reconfiguration, avoiding duplication of services (leave the trauma care to St. Al's), adequate staffing, and reduction of costly executive and managerial positions."

—Dr. Ann Cordum, Internal Medicine Physician

"…there is absolutely no way I could advocate for, or be in favor of shutting down Jefferson St. It really boils down to safety and connectivity, and the closing of Jefferson presents significant problems to both of these."*

 Jimmy Halyburton, Boise Bicycle Project (League-Certified Bicycle Safety Instructor, Participant in St. Luke’s Cycle Discussion) 
^ Update 6/23/16: apparently, there was a way he could advocate for shutting down Jefferson, since he reversed this position and endorsed St. Luke's application at the crucial ACHD hearing; although nothing had changed re: safety or connectivity.

"The logic of small blocks suggests that no further block consolidations should be allowed, such as the one currently considered at St. Luke’s, which will significantly undermine the effectiveness of the street grid in that location.” 
 —Jeff Speck, AICP, CNU-A, LEED-AP; Author, 'Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time'

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