Sunday, June 28, 2015

KBC community meeting on proposed St. Luke's expansion

Residents packed the Fort Boise Senior Center Wednesday evening to participate in a frank and open exploration of the proposed St. Luke's master plan. The emphasis was on understanding likely impacts and presenting/analyzing alternatives that would allow for expanded health care services in Boise while preserving the community and neighborhood values reflected in Blueprint Boise.

As always, we encourage careful review and consideration of all available materials on the topic. Our goal is an informed and inclusive decision-making process that supports the entire community, and keeps Boise connected physically, socially and culturally. We want a livable city that contributes to the health, safety and prosperity of all citizens.



Alternatives Analysis

Getting Involved

Questions and Answers


  1. Thanks for videotaping this important meeting. And many thanks to those who stepped forward to address this issue that will affect all of us for decades to come. I appreciate your commitment to our neighborhood and our city, and to civil, intelligent and constructive activism.

  2. These presentations were well done! I appreciate being able to watch them as I attended another neighborhood related hearing (at ACHD) the same night as this event. Thanks KBC!