Thursday, June 25, 2015

KBC Community Meeting

A simple update from last night's standing-room-only community meeting hosted by KBC members. The room was packed, the conversation lively and engaged.

See coverage of the meeting:

Citizens host workshop on St. Luke's plan (KTVB)

Neighbors pitch alternative ideas on St. Luke's expansion plans (KBOI)

Comments from someone who showed up out of curiosity sum it up well:
"you guys hit it out of the park! Speakers were passionate yet humble and not at all preachy.  The dots were masterfully connected and the concept of a health district and the rationale behind it were compelling."  
We hear that pretty often these days, and the support is greatly appreciated. Our aim is to present available facts and reasonable conclusions without fluff or distractions, because Boise citizens are smart enough to see through spin and draw their own conclusions.

Some in the audience wished a representative from the Mayor's office or City Council had been in attendance. We know they have busy schedules these days; we also think they would benefit greatly from a second opinion and hearing a more citizen-oriented conversation along with more robust alternatives analysis. 

We're all stakeholders in this process, and we all support Mayor Bieter's goal of making Boise the most livable city in America; we just can't get there relying on old thinking.

We were able to document the entire meeting and will share the video with City leaders.

See the videos below for additional information and alternatives. 

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