Saturday, May 16, 2015

Schedule and Procedure for May 19th Council Work Session

To date, Boise leaders have heard formal presentations from St. Luke's; next Tuesday they will hear more formal presentations from St. Luke's. Regular citizens and taxpayers have an opportunity to submit limited questions via email or on cards (see below), but as yet have not been given the opportunity to offer a formal presentation of our position and findings.
But...(and it's a big one) you should know that St. Luke's is able to bring the kind of pressure that only an employer, wealthy client, major advertiser or funder can to those who receive money from this billion-dollar corporation. They hope to once again pack council chambers with their physicians, consultants and board members.
While this means anything but a level playing field for citizens and taxpayers, it's critical that neighborhood voices are heard. This is a chance to voice your opinion on both:
1. the process (i.e., putting St. Luke's in charge of developing a Master Plan without meaningful input from those most affected by the expansion, and without an independent analysis of the economic, social, and environmental impacts to residents); and
2. the alternatives analysis. This includes alternatives to the proposed Jefferson Street closure to the north. St. Luke's claims it evaluated and rejected the East, South and West alternatives, in some cases because it 'doesn't own the property.' It also doesn't own Jefferson. Two other alternatives to Jefferson Street closure have been offered by St. Luke's during public meetings and in their promotional materials: no expansion, or building its new tertiary facilities in Meridian. P&Z Commissioner Gillespie highlighted the lack of a legitimate alternatives analysis (which he called the 'heart of any plan') in the Master Plan before it was overwhelmingly denied by the P&Z Commission.
During the P&Z meeting where St. Luke's plan was denied, the East End Neighborhood Association was given 30 minutes to present a neighborhood perspective. That was the only time neighbors and residents have been given the opportunity to present more coherent and contextual than 3-minute individual comments.
This is a big decision for City Council. They need to hear from other stakeholders, including you.

From the City's release:
Contact: Mike Journee
384-4402 /
A second City Council workshop to gather information and perspective on a proposed update to St. Luke’s Boise Medical Center Campus Master Plan is scheduled for the council’s regular 6 p.m. meeting on May 19.
A previous workshop session was held on April 14, during which St. Luke’s described its process for arriving at the current proposed master plan update, including an alternatives analysis. Tuesday’s workshop will delve into details of the plan, including distribution of uses, zoning, parking, circulation, historic resources, design and similar topics.
The workshop format provides an opportunity for council members and the public to understand March 30 revisions to St. Luke’s original application, which was recommended for denial on Feb. 9 by the Boise City Planning and Zoning Commission. Council members want to ensure consideration of the St. Luke’s application includes the most up-to-date information about the potential project plans.
Representatives of the East End Neighborhood Association, the Downtown Boise Association, the Downtown Neighborhood Association and the North End Neighborhood Association will be included as full participants at the workshop table. Each of those representatives has full privileges to ask questions and provide commentary in the discussion.
In an effort to include as many perspectives as possible in the discussion of the proposal, Tuesday’s session will also include designated 30-minute blocks of time for audience members to pose questions of the applicant, city staff or council members about the proposal.
Residents interested in participating the Q&A sessions have two options for submitting questions prior to and during Tuesday’s meeting:
· Email questions to by 5 p.m., Monday May 18 with the subject line: St. Luke’s Question
· Writing questions on note cards provided at the meeting
City staff members will collect and sort all questions by topic and relevancy, and eliminate duplicates or topics that will be addressed at later sessions or hearings. The questions will be read aloud at the meeting and the appropriate participants will respond.
While the workshop will include Q&A opportunities and be part of the council’s regular open, public meeting, public testimony on the application will not be taken. Opportunities for public comment and testimony will be provided at public hearings to be held at a future date. For those unable to attend, Tuesday’s meeting will be streamed online at
Council members will not make a determination on the application during Tuesday’s workshop. Plans for continued public discussion of the application, including opportunities for public comment, will be discussed at the end of Tuesday’s meeting.
Here’s an overview of Tuesday’s proposed workshop agenda:
· Meeting called to order – 6 p.m.
· Review and summary of the April 14 workshop and description of the goals and procedures for Tuesday’s session – 5 minutes
· Table Participants Q&A – A brief opportunity for any participants at the table to ask questions of staff, the applicant or other table members – 10 minutes
· First Resident Q&A Session – Submitted resident questions related to the proposal’s review process and alternatives analysis, presented by St. Luke’s at the April 14 meeting, will be answered by appropriate team members.
· Break – 10 minutes
· Proposed Master Plan Overview – St. Luke’s team describes the various elements of their proposed master plan update, including distribution of uses, zoning, parking, circulation, historic resources, design and similar topics; followed by council and table participant questions and discussion – 1 hour
· Break – 10 minutes
· Transportation Mitigation – St. Luke’s team describes the various proposed mitigation measures related to traffic and bicycle/pedestrian facilities; followed by council and table participant questions and discussion – 1.5 hours
· Second Resident Q&A Session – Submitted resident questions related to transportation mitigation and other master plan elements will be answered by appropriate team members. – 30 minutes
· Next steps – Council members discuss needed next steps for proposed revision of St. Luke’s master plan."
· Adjournment – 10 p.m.

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